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More Information About the Reason Cote de Pablo Left

According to this,, Cote’s reason for leaving NCIS does have to do with pay.  According to one of Showbiz411’s sources, she apparently was asking for $225,000 which is closer to what Michael Weatherly makes but CBS would only give her $200,000.  A rep for Cote de Pablo says that the numbers sound off so I’m not sure but either way…the reason Cote left was about money.

I have to be honest, this is leaving me conflicted.  On one hand, I think CBS should have given her whatever amount that she wanted simply because she’s Cote de Pablo, a great actress who’s brought her own unique talents and abilities to NCIS.  On the other hand, I’m asking myself why didn’t Cote just take the money that was offered?  I understand that she wanted equal pay, and I would think in a politically correct industry actresses and actors would be getting equal pay about now, but if she loves the show so much why leave over a simple money dispute?

This whole conflict leads to another question…how many fans will stick with NCIS now that Cote is leaving.  From what I’ve been reading on SpoilerTV and comments left on the Cote de Pablo petition, people are not going to be watching if she does not come back.  And, with the petition at about 10,000 supporters, that’s going to affect the ratings which will definitely grab the attentions of the TPTB at CBS.  I, myself, am considering the possibility of not watching should they butcher her ending story (she is coming back for a couple episodes, not just one) but I don’t think I can do away with my Tuesday night routine lol.  Tuesday nights were what made Monday mornings bearable!

I do have to say, Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David was the reason why I started to watch NCIS.  If I remember correctly, my first ever episode that I watched was Season 5’s “Recoil”, which as many of you should know was a HUGE episode for Cote de Pablo/Ziva David and a huge episode for Tiva, in my mind.  Ziva was working undercover as the girlfriend of a serial killer who caught her getting a phone call from Gibbs; she almost dies and back in the lobby, Tony tries to ruffle her hair because that’s what she likes but Ziva flinches away from him.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but there was so much “meat” in that one scene that I just instantly fell in love with them.  I think I might have finished the season out after that episode but I can’t remember.  That summer though, thanks to USA Network, I was able to catch up on most of the episodes and from then on out, I’ve watched every single episode that CBS has unleashed.  So, not seeing Ziva David on my screen anymore after she’s done her story will be hard to adjust to.

What are your thoughts on Cote de Pablo’s departure?  Will you not watch after Ziva’s story is finished?  Do you think CBS will reconsider should ratings decline?  Do you think ratings will decline?


With production for NCIS starting in a week, I decided to group all the spoilers from the time Season 10 ended till now.  But, before I get to the spoilers, I just have to make a quick reference to the Cote de Pablo petition that is going around, trying to save her job.  As of right now, they have a little over 5,000 supporters in just two days!!!!  That’s completely insane and amazing!  The petition is still there, if you have not already done so, sign it!  Next goal is 8,000!!!

Okay, on to the spoilers…

On June 17, CBS released the Fall Premiere Date Schedule that listed September 24th as the air date for episode one of NCIS Season 11; mark your calendars!

via EW’s InsideTV on May 16 (outtakes from EW’s post-finale interview with Gary Glasberg):

Q: Are Palmer’s baby plans going to be a big part of his arc next season?
Glasberg: I think so. I’d like to get into it. It’s sort of a subject matter that I think is important to talk about and I’d like to do it properly and I’d like to see he and Breena go through the rigors that are involved and we’ll see where it takes them and how it ends up.

Q: What do you see as Tony and Ziva’s arc next season? I felt like there was closure on the matter of her one-night stand, some of Tony’s bitterness was let go.
Glasberg: There absolutely was [closure], and it’s just a matter of sort of where we’re going to take it next. That’s something I’m going to sit down with all the writers after we come back and talk about what the next step is and where we’re going to go.

Q: Are we going to see Colin Hanks again? 
Glasberg: Yes, you’ll see him in the season opener. And I have to tell you, Mark Harmon just loves Colin Hanks and if — we’ll have to see how this story unfolds and where it goes and we can talk again as we get closer to the season premiere, but he’s a fun guy.

Q: How quickly are we going to address the issue of McGee’s new girlfriend? I know there might be some disappointed McAbby fans out there…
Glasberg: Tim’s had girlfriends before. A few seasons ago he dated this computer gamer who was out there. Things come up. I understand people are concerned but it’s part of the complexity that they all work together.

via Matt’s Inside Line on May 23:

NCIS | To Inside Liners Nisha, Joyce and others, this is for you. With many “Tiva” fans fretting that the pair’s season-ending heart-to-heart essentially landed Tony in the dreaded Friend Zone, showrunner Gary Glasberg maintains that over the course of Season 10, “We made huge strides. Their relationship hasevolved, has changed. They’re a little more open with each other and a little more emotionally connected, certainly more than where we were at the beginning of the season.” With that same passionate group of ‘shippers having been vested in “The Year of Tiva” (a mantra initiated by, I believe it was, Michael Weatherly), Glasberg admits the couple’s closeness “may not be the big leap that a lot of people would like it to be, but I also feel like we’re enjoying the pace at which this is happening. That’s not to say we’re notheaded in the direction  everyone would like to go, but I think we’re getting there.” As the EP explains, “It’s very complicated when two agents who are working together get into a relationship, and that’s something that [Tony and Ziva] would be very conscious of. So I think they would tread lightly, which is why, in theory, we’re treading lightly and being very careful about the steps that we take.” (As for Cote de Pablo’s contract status for Season 11, as of Wednesday night, Glasberg had no update to share: “I wish I had information for you, but I don’t.”)

via Ask Ausiello on May 28:

Question: I’m curious about NCIS‘ four-month time jump in the finale — will the show flash back to those intervening months when it returns this fall? —Jacob
Ausiello: Not sure if we’ll get actual flashbacks, but exec producer Gary Glasberg promises that “everything that happened that led up to Gibbs looking through that rifle will be explained,” adding, “All the pieces will fit together.”

via Matt’s Inside Line on May 30:

Got any NCIS scoops, particularly on McGee? –Marla
As revealed in the season finale, Tim’s got himself a new honey. And though show boss Gary Glasberg has yet to decide what “type” the mysterious Delilah is, viewers will eventually get to lay eyes on her. “I’m hoping to pick [that storyline] up and explain more — and hopefully, at some point, we’ll get to meet Delilah, as well,” Glasberg says.

via Matt’s Inside Line on June 6:

I know Gary Glasberg has mentioned we will see the events that led up to the cliffhanger with Gibbs in the NCIS finale. But will we also get to see what McGee, Tony and Ziva have been doing in their four-month absence? I’m eager to see how they adapted to life outside NCIS and without Gibbs’s rules (particularly Rule No. 12). –Cheryl
If I’m any good at reading between Glasberg’s lines, viewers will be made privy to at least some of that when Season 11 arrives. “The season opener is going to take us from where we left off all the way up to the point where we’re seeing Gibbs [behind a rifle],” he says, As for Tony, Ziva and McGee in particular, “There will be a portion in which they’re still resigned, and then it’ll develop from there. I don’t want to give too much away about the opener yet, but we’ll learn what happened with Tony and Ziva and McGee, I promise.”

via Matt’s Inside Line on June 20:

Does NCIS plan on continuing the storyline regarding McGee’s father having Stage 4 cancer? –Jeannie
Show boss Gary Glasberg was “really pleased” with that March episode, “Squall,” and how it built to “an understanding — and a resolution — between the two characters.” That said, and though it’s too soon to tease Season 11, he says the storyline “is certainly something that we’ve left open and that we’d like to revisit, not only dealing with the admiral’s health issues, but in terms of what their relationship is moving forward.”

via Matt’s Inside Line on July 9, 2013:

Question: Any NCIS tidbits to share on the new season? —Cheryl
Ausiello: There’s some serious WTF?! buzz surrounding the CBS smash’s Sept. 24 premiere, and here’s why: The episode is titled “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.” (Trend alert: This is the third instance in recent memory of an hour-long drama using this expression as an episode title, following Scandal and The Good Wife.) Maybe the title is a nod to the insane workload dropped on the desk of the I.T. department’s newest hire Ozzy, a towering figure who’s tasked with digging up information on an intruder and tracking down a potential hacker.

via Matt’s Inside Line on July 11, 2013:

I read that [UPDATED] Marina Sirtis will be reprising her role as Orli Elbaz on NCIS — that’s fantastic! We have news of a returning character that is closely affiliated with Ziva. Now, can weplease get some news about Cote de Pablo — preferably good news that she will be returning? –Claire
Given very recent developments, the best we can do is hope that Eli’s Mossad successor isn’t back for a (gulp) funeral.

Well, there ya have it…a summer load of NCIS spoilers.  From here on out I will try and post them as they come or as soon as I read them.  For the spoilers listed above, you can find them at and

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Petition to Bring Back Cote

Petition to Bring Back Cote

Just wanted to share this link for a petition that will be sent to CBS to bring back Cote de Pablo.  The last time I checked, it only needed 387 more signers before it reaches it’s goal.

Please help bring Cote back, it would be awesome if we the fans could bring about her renewal!

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Cote de Pablo to depart from NCIS


Today is a sad day in NCISland.  After months of silence on the status of Cote de Pablo’s contract negotiations, word came out today that she would be leaving the show.  I wrote the following all out on my Facebook so I’m just going to copy and paste what I wrote.  It is kind of rabbit traily so sorry for that, my thoughts were all jumbled and I just wrote what came to mind.

Cote de Pablo, who plays the beloved character Ziva David on NCIS, was up for contract renewal at the end of last season.  As seen in the final moments of Season 10, Ziva along with Tony and McGee, handed in their badges to Director Vance, and took the blame for all of Gibbs’ past misdeeds.  So, for the first time that I can remember, Ziva’s life was not left hanging in the balance like it usually is when CdP’s contract is up for renewal.  Though there was some anxiety over whether Cote was going to re-sign her contract, there was a sliver of hope that the contract would eventually be signed.  But, weeks went by with no word on the status of her contract negotiations and hope of a renewal was getting dimmer and dimmer (though it was around this time last year that word got out that Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Sean Murray had re-signed their contracts after a long summer of waiting.)  With production starting in a week for the new season, news finally came out today that she will be leaving NCIS.

Fans will get one more chance to see her and bid her adieu when the Season 11 premiere airs on September 24th, which will likely be her last episode (the article linked below says she will appear at the start of the season so not sure if it’s for one episode or for two or three).  Gary Glasberg, the show’s current Executive Producer, has promised fans that Ziva will be getting the “proper send off”.  I’m not sure what they’re planning on doing to give her the “proper send off”, I can think of multiple scenarios that could fit, but I’m hoping it involves Tony and a marriage proposal. (fingers crossed!)

Personally, I think this is what’s going to break the camel’s back and we will see the demise of NCIS following this development.  I know, not everyone was a fan of Ziva and Tiva, but she definitely had quite a number of fans and, unlike Sasha Alexander (Caitlin Todd) who went to the producers and told them she wanted out, this exit lies totally in the hands of CBS.

Why does everything have to be about money?  She loved the show so she could have stayed with it until the end and she (and the rest of the cast) make more than half of what the average American makes, but no, she and her agent had to have more money!  On the other side, CBS was stupid for letting her go.

There is a part of me that hopes that this ends like A.J. Cook’s (Criminal Mind’s JJ) did when her contract fell through and she left, only to reappear the following season and has stayed on the show ever since.  Either that or, like I said, this could be NCIS’s last season.

Another thing I want to talk about before I finish this is the whole “Moonlighting Curse” thing that make the producers so scared to put two characters together on a show.  Cut me a break!  You tease us for 8 years with this whole, will they won’t they push and pull crap, and now Cote de Pablo is leaving, and there’s not going to be any restitution for the Tiva fans!  It was JUST getting good last season and there was definitely progress being made and, as it turns out, it’s all for NOTHING!  How logical is it that two real people will tease and bait each other for 7 years before they actually commit to a relationship or pour water on it?!  It’s not realistic!!  UGH!!

So, with that being said, thanks for letting me air my frustration lol and I really hope NCIS knows what’s doing because I might not be watching the show anymore if they butcher Ziva’s send off.

Here’s the article about the official news:

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Question about music from last night’s NCIS episode

Okay, I’m definitely gonna write a review for last night’s episodes because they were so great but I just wanted to ask if anyone could help me out.

In the scene where Westcott and Gibbs are in the store recounting the events prior to Westcott attacking Kersey, what was the title of the soundtrack playing? The same music was playing during the scene where they were approaching Kersey’s car.

I know it’s a long shot finding the answer to this but I figured I could use my blog to ask.

Thanks 🙂

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My Thoughts on NCIS’ “Phoenix”

There are a number of memorable moments in this episode:

1. The classic bullpen scene with the three Musketeers (Tony, Ziva and McGee.)  McGee and Ziva are looking at a life recorder (the Vicon Revue?) when Tony arrives.  Tony asks them what they are looking at and McGee tells him about the life recorder.  You wear it around your neck and it takes a picture every 30 seconds!  Your whole life will be able to be recorded, searched and looked back on.  Tony says that’s horrifying but it could help him find his keys.  Ziva comments that there are some moments in life that should be forgotten, like the last three months.  Tony agrees and says that he’d rather forget the look on his first girlfriend’s face when they broke up; it haunted him for years.  Tony asks how much it costs and McGee tells him that it’s not out yet, but that he will be getting one since he is a beta tester for the product.  Tony scoffs and asks McGee if Gibbs would allow him to wear something like that at the crime scenes.  “Gibbs the man who…” Tony starts saying before he notices his coworkers faces and realizes that the man of the hour is right behind him.  “Something on your mind, DiNozzo?” Gibbs asks.  Tony says no but is headslapped anyway. (First headslap of the season!)

2.  I cracked up when that graveyard manager(?) tells Ducky, “I hope you didn’t take up a career of grave robbery” or something like that.

3.  The scene in autopsy when Gibbs goes to confront Ducky about exhuming a non-case body.  Palmer: Gibbs, I take full responsibility…” Gibbs: “Palmer, leave.” Palmer: Done! And then he scurries away. LOL

4. Ducky almost broke my heart when he said, “why don’t you just make it permanent?” 😦 Don’t leave Ducky!!

5. I love that Gibbs allowed Ducky to voice his reasons as to why he exhumed the body.  That’s what a friend would do, not a boss.

6. Absolutely loved the scene at the victim’s house (or apartment) where Jimmy won’t give details about the exhumed body so McGee, Tony and Ziva gang up on him (LOVED it when Ziva was “cracking” her knuckles when she told McGee to close the blinds; Palmer was headed for a Ziva-style beat down LOL)

7. After Ducky’s cold case ends up being tied to the recent case, Ducky realizes that he can’t investigate anymore because now the case is active.  He thinks Gibbs is going to tell him to stop investigating so he tells him, “The horse is dead, Jethro.  I’d appreciate it if you’d stop beating it.” LOL

8.  “There is evil afoot that must be cast asunder.”

9. While Ducky is telling the team about how the cold case victim died, Gibbs is sitting in his chair with a baseball bat.  Who are you looking to beat down GIbbs? lol

10.  I loved the bluish-green button down shirt Tony was wearing in the second half of the episode.  That color definitely works for him!

11.  Loved seeing Tony get rejected by the CO and then for the CO to be shown who’s boss by the nerd at the gun range lol.

12. Palmer coming into Gibbs’ basement unannounced and talking about Ducky, “He actually yelled at me! …like Attila the Hun!” only to have Ducky be in the basement also. LOL

13.  I know Tony is a smartass and he makes comments like this, especially to McGee, but I thought he was being mean when he made fun of McGee for not being chosen as a beta tester.  Gibbs showed up and I actually was looking for the headslap.

14.  After closing the case and being reinstated to work as the medical examiner, Ducky still managed to break my heart with his sad face.  He liked playing the role of lead agent and being out and about.  Now he’s back in autopsy 😦

15.  I really really loved the moment when Ziva says at the end, “We are all finally home.”  Her smile and then Gibbs’ smirk when he looks at her.  Everything is finally semi-back to normal.

Well, that’s it for this episode.  I wonder if there will be any surprises along the way in terms of someone who is still not okay after the bombing.  Now that I think about it, Vance was not in this episode (am I right?)  So, is he okay or is he still shaken up about the whole thing?  I know I didn’t mention it earlier but it’s so nice to see Abby back to normal.  I thought it was hilarious when Gibbs goes down to her lab to get the latest details on the case and brings a Caf-Pow for her only for Abby to tell him that Ducky gave her one too. (She does take Gibbs’ Caf-Pow though as she pretty much chugs those things lol)


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My Thoughts on NCIS:Los Angeles “Endgame”

This is probably gonna be short since it’s been two weeks since the premiere.  Sorry about the lateness.  Once I get caught up, I will hopefully release these more on schedule. 🙂

Here’s what I liked about the episode:

1. The new tension between Callen and Sam.

2. The undercover op at the bank by Kensi and Deeks.  I love when Kensi plays the scorned lover; she rocks at it and it is hilarious to watch!

3. Owen Granger – I really started to like him in this episode.  He’s still a little hinky but I can at least deal with him now.

4. The mind twist at the end – who saw that coming?  I mean, grant it, it definitely did not look like the Chameleon was really shot but wow…

That’s it, for now.  Maybe when there’s a hiatus I will go back and watch the premiere and expand more on this but this is all have for now.

Stay tuned for NCIS’ “Recovery” and NCISLA’s “The Recruit”

Here is a video clip from CBS of the op in which Kensi goes postal on the bank employee.  It’s not the whole thing, just the start.

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My Take on NCIS 10×01 “Extreme Prejudice”

The first episode of the tenth season of NCIS took place two hours after the events of “Till Death Do Us Part” (9×24). The cleanup at NCIS is underway and Ducky is safe at a hospital after his heart attack, but the emotional toll the bombing and heart attack had on our favorite agents, is not over.

What I liked about the episode:

1. After a long summer hiatus, NCIS is finally back to fill my Tuesday nights with action, laughter and …romance?

2. Ducky lives! (I know, shocker, especially since news of his contract renewal came out like a month before the season finale episode! But, by that point, I think the writers already had woven Ducky’s health into a season-wide story arc and they just thought…why not?) I’m actually pretty excited about this story arc because this is something that they haven’t done. No character on the show has faced death naturally (and survived). It will be interesting to see how Ducky copes and if he makes any changes to his life.

3. After eight seasons, Brian Dietzen is finally a regular cast member! Which, subsequently ties in with the storyline since Dietzen’s character, Jimmy, is going to have to step it up this season and take on more cases as the medical examiner while Ducky recuperates.

4. I liked that Abby was the first one shown in regards to the survivors of the NCIS bombing. She’s the one on the team that is always cheerful and happy and, as Ziva says later on in the episode, “If anyone can find the good it is you.” That being said, seeing her so out of it and melancholy tells you that things are not okay and sets the mood for the rest of the episode.

5. Tony and Ziva in the elevator; there were so many great moments! Tony stroking Ziva’s thigh as he recalls a villain in the 1995 Bond movie called GoldenEye. (She would kill men by squeezing her thighs around their neck.) The whole “I thought the earth moved” conversation. Tony brushing Ziva’s hair out of her eyes. The looks they shared. The phone conversation with Eli. Them recounting coworkers they would NOT want to be stuck in the elevator with, laughing about it and then realizing that those coworkers might not be as fortunate as them to be alive. The look they give each other when Abby says that she thought they might have killed each other.

6. Abby – you could really tell she wasn’t okay with what happened and my heart broke for her while I was watching the episode. It pretty much was summed up in the conversation with Ziva, “I want good back” and then telling Ziva to “please, kick…his…ass.”

7. The conversation between Abby and Ziva. We rarely see a scene where it’s just Abby and Ziva talking. When Kate was there, she and Abby were buds and you were made aware of that by the number of scenes they had together. Can we get more Abby and Ziva scenes this season?

8. Ducky is another character that made me cry in this episode; especially in the scene where he was trying to convince Jimmy that he needed to go back to NCIS.

9. Okay, that scene with the FBI agent, Lorraine, trying to seduce Harper and then letting those other agents into the hotel room and then destroying that door only to be blown up by another bomb was just mind-blowingly awesome! But…how the heck did he know that he was being set up?

10. Seeing Gibbs go postal on Harper’s sister-in-law; you rarely see him go postal on people except when they mess with his family.

11. The Gibbs and Fornell scene when they are in Gibbs’ house and Fornell asks Gibbs to let him take the reigns in terms of finding Dearing because he knew that Gibbs was still hurting.

12. Gibbs and Vance. I think, in this episode, you really got the feeling that these two have finally put their differences aside and are making a go at being more friendly to each other. I loved the scene with them in Gibbs’ basement where he tells Vance about his plan to finally get Dearing once and for all.

13. The scene where Jarvis gathers the troops (Vance, Fornell and Gibbs) to tell them that the president ordered them to proceed with extreme prejudice. The first thought in my head was, if I had to choose between the Expendables cast and these four in terms of who I would not want to mess with…it’d be these four. There’s just something more threatening to me about these four than the Expendables cast LOL

14. The confrontation between Gibbs and Dearing. This was the first time that I actually truly felt sad for the NCIS villain. And I loved that you could see it on Gibbs’ face when he stuck the knife in him; he understood his anguish over his son’s death because he experienced that same feeling and is still feeling that with the loss of Kelly.

15. The ending scene. After a sad episode like that, it was nice to see the team out and about, enjoying life or just going about their daily business.

16. Ziva going postal on Gibbs while he’s packing to go after Dearing.

17. Tony saying he wished he had someone to talk to 😦

There are only two things I didn’t like:

1. How can Ziva receive a call from her father while in a broken down, steel elevator and Jimmy couldn’t get a hold of anyone in the beginning of the episode? I realize that they may have wanted to break up the Tiva moment but that just wasn’t believable; though the ensuing conversation was funny.

2. So, Lorraine brings Harper to a hotel that is swarming with agents, and yet they didn’t notice the window in the bathroom? If they did, they should have had that exit covered, right?

Well, that’s it for my take on NCIS’ “Extreme Prejudice”. Check back later for my take on NCIS: Los Angeles’ “Endgame” and the second episodes!


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Guess who’s baaaaack?

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to write to let you know that for NCIS’ 10th season and NCIS: Los Angeles’ 4th season, I am back in action!  I missed writing reviews on the episodes this past season and, even though they’re the hardest things to knock out, I promise that I will commit to writing them!  That said… it might take me more than a week to finish writing the reviews for NCIS’ “Extreme Prejudice” and NCIS: Los Angeles’ “Endgame”.  I am working on them but I don’t have a laptop right now and, for some reason, I like using a laptop better than a standard computer to write the reviews; I can take the laptop anywhere like the living room where the TV is, so I can write notes as I’m watching the episode!  I just bought one that should arrive by Thursday, October 4th so until then, I can’t promise anything.  Just know that I’m going to try my hardest to get back into the game of writing reviews for these two shows that I love!

Thanks for sticking with me! 🙂

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New Idea

Hey everyone!  Sorry I’ve been lacking when it comes to the reviews/recaps.  I’m kinda getting bored with those and have been looking at other things that I could write about (character studies, etc.) but they take awhile to think through and write.  Needless to say, I’ve been in a lull.

With that said, I came across this website: and I am going to challenge myself to write about each of those things for the next ten days.  If you like what you read, please review!  It would be helpful to know what people are thinking when they read what I write and that way, I can know whether to continue in writing stuff like it or move on to something else.  Now, just because I’m getting bored with the reviews doesn’t mean I’ll stop, in fact…I’m going to highlight some parts in the last two episodes of NCIS and NCIS:LA that I liked in the next paragraph, so…read on!

So, the past two episodes of NCIS were “Defiance” and “Kill Screen”.  In “Defiance”, the team is in charge of protecting the Defense Minister of Bulgaria’s daughter who is studying at Georgetown University.  In “Kill Screen” a Marine is killed for having reached the kill screen of a video game the held code for hacking into the Pentagon.

What I liked about these episodes?

– both dealt with McGee’s love life…or lack thereof. In “Defiance” it felt more natural than in “Kill Screen”, where it felt forced but at the end of the episode, I really started to like it. (“Defiance” and “Kill Screen”)

– Tony looked hot in those sweats! (No, I don’t mean hot as in temperature-wise.) (“Defiance”)

–  I cracked up laughing when Gibbs shot the mainframe of the computer to deactivate the code.  Considering that he was getting annoyed at the stupid game he had to play to get to the mainframe, the shooting of it was justified. (“Kill Screen”)

– Love how Tony interceded on McGee’s behalf and set him up on a date with Maxine; I thought it was a very nice thing for him to do.  (“Kill Screen”)

On NCIS:LA we had the episodes “Empty Quiver” and “Personal”.  In “Empty Quiver”, Callen and Sam are working undercover as California Highway Patrol who are interested in joining the California Gold Taxi Service, a group of dirty cops and marines who help criminals transport weapons across the highways.  In “Personal”, Deeks is shot and the team races to find the perp.

What I liked?

– the truck heist scene (amazing cinematography/music/acting!) (“Empty Quiver”)

– the look of dread on everyone’s faces when Hetty tells them they have an “Empty Quiver” situation. (“Empty Quiver”)

– Deeks/Kensi banter in the van while scouting out for the man that will give Callen and Sam the offer. (“Empty Quiver”)

– Sam and Callen banter about not being able to banter on the bikes like they do in the car. (“Empty Quiver”)

– Kensi stuffing her face with food at the end and Deeks’ face (he was so cracking up at watching her gorge herself).  (“Empty Quiver”)

– Deeks getting shot 😦 (Sad scene but thought it was played out great!) (“Personal”)

– Kensi wanting to be there at the hospital because the last time her partner was in a dire situation without her there, he died (Dom 😦 ) (“Personal”)

– Kensi and Hetty eating Deeks’ hospital jello. (What is with Kensi and food?  Does Daniela like not eat before she goes to the set? LOL) (“Personal”)

– getting a glimpse at what Deeks’ life was like when he was little. (Poor boy!) (“Personal”)

– Cheesy but such a good scene moment: Deeks realizing that Kensi’s the target and rushes out from the hospital, bandaged and injured, and puts a bullet through the guy’s chest. (“Personal”)

– the fact that the Russians knew that to make Kensi an easy target, they had to hurt Deeks; if that doesn’t make any Densi fan squeal, I don’t know what will. (“Personal”)

– Hetty offering to be Deeks’ next of kin. (one of the reasons I love Hetty!) (“Personal”)

And that is it for today’s post.  Look out tomorrow for my first challenge post!

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