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Review of “The Spider and the Fly”

“What took you so long, cowboy?” – Gibbs

First off, I just wanted to apologize since this has taken me longer than I would have liked for me to write this up.  I have been working on it, don’t get me wrong, it’s just I keep on wanting to add more and more to it and, from the draft I have written on Open Office, it’s not even halfway through yet.  So, I’m going to take what I have written and try to simplify it the best way I can.

So, without further to do…(drum roll)

Episode Title: “The Spider and The Fly”

Episode #: 8×01

Case: The body of a dead reservist is found in an open field next to a helicopter and the pilot, who is also dead.  On arriving at the scene, the team is lead to believe that the two men killed each other, based on the findings of two different shell casings.  However, the guns are missing and, when viewing the footage of the recent helicopter flight, they find that Paloma Reynosa is back in town!  Upon further investigation of the dead reservist’s body, the team is able to pinpoint the locations that Paloma has been to within the past four months, which is up and down the East Coast, meaning she’s been securing the success of the Reynosa drug route.  This also means that she’s back to tormenting the NCIS team.  There was also another case, not much detail on it except that it was a drug dealer that was a part of the Reynosa drug route who Paloma had killed in his own meat store.

The Gibbs men and The Wonder Twins: Continuing on from the cliffhanger from Season 7, Jackson Gibbs is in his store, setting up shop, when Paloma comes in looking for trouble.  Having been forewarned by Gibbs, Jackson takes out his rifle and tells Paloma that he knows who she is and that she has to leave.  When she doesn’t, Jackson cocks his gun and shoots out the store’s front door window.  Paloma takes out her gun but backs out of the store, making it look like she’s just going to leave him be.  However, that is not the case.  Outside, two of her men are waiting with semi-automatics and upon her order (“Matalo!” is the Spanish word for “Kill him!”), they open fire on the store.  Once the dust settles, Paloma and her men rush into the store, hoping to find Jackson’s dead body, except…Jackson is no where to be found!  Going to present time, we find that Jackson has been staying at his son’s house for the last three to four months.  There are two agents outside, guarding the house in case there are any sightings of Paloma Reynosa.  As I said in the previous paragraph, for the past four months that Jackson has been living in his son’s house, Paloma has been traveling up and down the East Coast, securing the success of her drug trade business.  When the body of the dead reservist is discovered, the team is once again on alert as they know Paloma is back in town.  Paloma, however, isn’t the only person whose been giving the NCIS team hell; the other half of the Wonder Twins, her brother Alejandro, was also giving them hell.  First, when Tony and Franks were following him in Mexico, he led them into a trap in which Franks got shot at… again!  Then, he personally comes to NCIS and asks Vance for permission to extradite Paloma to Mexico so that she can be charged there, it would be an act of diplomacy.  Vance isn’t quite sure he’s up to no good and tells him that he’ll think about it.  When Vance leaves, Alejandro leaves a recording device underneath one of the chairs in Vance’s office, hoping to keep track of what NCIS has planned.  He also, threatens Abby, which has him thrown out of NCIS by Vance and Gibbs.  When Gibbs takes Abby out to her car, she finds a Mexican Day of the Dead doll on her windshield.  Ducky, who is also leaving, finds one on his.  Just then, Paloma calls Gibbs and tells him to not expect the suffering to end until he is dead.  Having McGee trace the call, he finds that she is right outside his house!  Placing an agent in charge of looking after Abby and Ducky, he leaves for his house.  He tells McGee to get Tony and Ziva and have them meet him at his house.  When he gets there, he finds the front door open and no one in the house.  Hearing a noise from the basement, he moves towards it with his gun drawn; fortunately, it is just Jackson and Franks.  At the same time, Ziva and Tony bust in on the side door and tell him that one of the agents is dead and the other is injured.  Searching through his home, he finds another Day of the Dead doll on top of his fireplace, meaning that Paloma had been in the house!  After this recent attack, Gibbs and Vance go and find Alejandro and have some choice words with him.  Alejandro lies to them and tells them that he has not been in contact with his sister when in fact, he has, and as we see when Vance and Gibbs leave and he gets into a car that Paloma is driving.

This, is when the action picks up.  Gibbs decides that it’s time to end the little game that’s been going on between NCIS and The Wonder Twins.  Vance, knowing the listening device is in his office, brings Tony in and tells him that Gibbs and his father have been moved into a safe house and, until he returns, Tony’s the team leader.  As suspected, they find that Alejandro has called Paloma, informing her of the recent developments.  Vance then calls Alejandro and says he should come in so that they can talk diplomacy.  While talking through the logistics, Tony comes in with a little piece of paper.  After looking at it, Vance places it in the file folder that he has opened on the table, closes it, and tells Alejandro that something has come up and leaves.  After Vance leaves, Alejandro removes the listening device, having no need for it anymore, since Paloma is on her way to finish what she started.  However, he can’t keep his prying eyes to himself and opens up the folder to read what is on the note.  What’s on the note stops him in his tracks, it says “Paloma Reynosa killed”.  Thinking that NCIS might be fooling him, he tries to call and text Paloma to make  sure that she is alright, but McGee is blocking his calls and texts to make it look like she really is dead.  Alejandro then makes his way up to the safe house, and seeing movement and thinking that it’s Gibbs and his father, he opens fire on the safe house.  However, that is not the case, since they both appear in front of him after Tony and Ziva have cuffed him.  Leading him into the bullet-torn house, they find Paloma dieing of a gunshot wound!  Alejandro had killed his own sister and is lead away, possibly to be charged with his own sister’s murder.

So, since I just wrote the section on Paloma and Alejandro, I am wondering if anyone was as curious as me as to what Paloma’s end game was?  I mean, in the Season 7 finale, she made it clear that if Gibbs didn’t work for her, she would kill Franks, his friends and co-workers at NCIS and his father.  Yet, the only attempt on killing someone on that list was in the beginning of the episode with Jackson.  Even then, she didn’t thoroughly search the shop in search of Jackson, and when she broke into Gibbs’ home, she didn’t search the house for Jackson or Franks.  So, did she merely want to scare Gibbs into working for her?  What are your thoughts?

Tony  and Ziva, a.k.a. “Tiva”: Before I write this, I must admit I am a huge Tiva fan.  They are my favorite TV couple, ever!  In this episode, Tony and Ziva have some cute scenes, two that I can remember.  The first, is when Ziva comes back from her time in Miami, and the second is when Tony catches her laughing at an email that a male friend of hers sent.  When I rewatched the episode On Demand, I was able to pause the DVD and I could make out all but one word of the email that she was reading.  Here is what it said, for those interested:”I can’t stop thinking about what we talked about the other night.  Of course, I would (meet?) you there.  I’d be a fool not to.  My plane is boarding.  Write me back.  I’m traveling alone.  Too much on  my mind. 🙂 X”  So, this is one mystery that will need to be solved.  Who is Ziva’s mystery man?  Also, is it just me or has their friendship/relationship gotten a lot better than it was in last season?  I mean, it seems like Tony was more open when he flirted with her.   He complimented her, he called her Ziva instead of Probie and they were smiling, a lot, at each other.  Any thoughts?

That is all I have for now, it’s late but I wanted to put this out there so you would know I haven’t forgotten about this blog.  I left some parts out, I was going to add more but this is pretty long and I hope I don’t bore you.

Here are some questions that we can ponder while the season goes on:

1.  (As I mentioned before) Who is Ziva’s mystery man?

2.  Who did Eli David find?

3. What kind of situation is Tony, Sr. in?  Is it a situation that stems from him being broke or is it another situation?

See ya next week, and hopefully I’ll have this out quicker. 🙂



  1. Great recap, sorry I didn’t get here earlier – busy week.

    Re the email – if you couldn’t see it, the email was signed with the initial “R” – hmm …

    • That’s okay. Thanks for the comment and the help on the email. I had a hard time pausing the remote on the email.

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