Posted by: ncisfan1985 | October 3, 2010

Review of “Worst Nightmare”

Episode Title: “Worst Nightmare”

Episode #: 8×02

Case: The case involved the kidnapping of a young girl, Rebecca Mason, from her school in Norfolk.  Both of the girl’s parents are Navy Lieutenants away on assignment leaving her in the care of her grandfather, Nick Mason, an ex-covert operative.  As the case progresses, the NCIS team is met with many setbacks, mostly that of the bodies of the supposed kidnappers.  Turned out, however, that the bodies were that of the members of Mason’s old team when he was a covert operative.  The kidnapper ended up being a member of the old team wanting to cleanse himself of his past sins, including the time when he was a part of the team.  In order to do so, he felt the need to kill off the other members of the team and had left Mason for last.  At the end of the episode, the NCIS team duped the kidnapper into thinking that they had killed Mason, which led to the kidnapper releasing the location of Rebecca.  After the location was given, Mason revived himself and the kidnapper was arrested. At NCIS, Rebecca was reunited with her parents.

NCIS team: In this episode, three interns from Waverly University were there watching what happened in the life of an NCIS agent.  I forget the names of the interns but, the girl was assigned to autopsy.  With her vast knowledge of Scotland and her willingness to help in autopsy, Ducky was impressed.  Palmer was jealous though, considering that he thought that Ducky was going to replace him.  He then went around to the other members of the team, hoping that he could be of use somewhere else.  Another intern was assigned to the lab, which Abby did not appreciate, considering what has happened with her other interns (Chuck, etc.).  I loved how she made him wear bells and lectured him on how not to be creepy!  The other intern, which Tony dubbed “mini McGee” was the most helpful during the case and, at the end of the episode, Gibbs ended up handing him a signed application, only needing him to fill it out. Speaking of Gibbs, the fact that he didn’t shun the interns and even offered mini McGee a position on team was quite surprising.  Will NCIS be getting another agent?  Will it be good or bad for the show.

Head Slap Counter for Season 8: 1.  This was the first episode of Season 8, I believe, that Gibbs head slapped someone.  Considering it was the first head slap of the season, I believe Tony was the right recipient since he is usually the recipient of them anyway.


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