Posted by: ncisfan1985 | February 1, 2011

Freedom in the Lockup

Okay, so as you can imagine by the title, I’m gonna cover BOTH NCIS and NCIS:LA because they were both incredible episodes tonight!

NCIS’ “Freedom”

The three things that I loved about this episode were: (1) the case, (2) McGee’s identity theft story and (3) Tiva.

First, the case.

This is the first episode I think this season where I actually really liked the case.  Domestic abuse (both physical and emotional) between spouses is a real issue a lot of people face and the way NCIS (the cast, the writers, etc.) handled it during this episode was phenomenal!  The case centered around the death of a Marine who, as the case unfolded, had been abusing his wife.  After threatening to take custody of their child away from her, she finally snapped.  Though, she didn’t snap like the team was suspecting.  She just took their child and ran away.  The REAL culprit, was the pool hall owner, a friend of Georgia’s, who, after hearing how distraught she sounded before she took Jake (her son) and ran, confronted the husband and beat him to death with one of the pool cues.  I liked how, when they thought it was the wife that killed the husband, the team was unsure of whether to press charges because they understood why she did what she did.  Now, murder is murder but in this case, you could bring in the idea of self-defense; that she was defending herself from the abuse and accidentally killed her husband.  This, if the jury found evident, could bring a murder charge down to manslaughter or some other lesser charge.  Fortunately, because it was the pool hall owner, that didn’t even come into play.

Second, McGee’s identity theft.

Question, when will McGee’s credit problems end?  First, his crazy ex-girlfriend rang his credit card bill through the roof and now he had a fourteen year old boy, who’s the son of his landlady, try to meddle in his personal life!  Though I must admit, the sentiment was kinda nice, LOL.  Of course, McGee’s identity theft spawned the ridicule and teasing of Tony.  I absolutely love McGee/Tony scenes, they are hilarious!  (I wonder how many takes it takes for them to actually shoot one full McGee/Tony scene because, if I was there, I’d be dying every take. LOL)

Third and finally, Tiva.

After two episodes where the Tiva scenes weren’t as up-to-par as the beginning of the season’s Tiva scenes, this episode was great!  The tension between the two in the first pool hall scene was very palpable, Tony’s jealous of Ziva and this Ray guy is very evident.  He’s been getting very snarky when it comes to mentioning Ray.

Also, in closing this section out…

– It was very nice to have Jimmy Palmer back.  I love his scenes with Ducky and I can’t wait to see what he would do if and when he takes Ducky’s place (though that is a sad thing to think about, sorry!)

– I loved Ziva’s hair in this episode.  I’ve always loved the sleek and straight look that she dons every once in awhile; it’s a very sexy look for her.

– Since we’re getting a lot of the character’s backstories this season, I loved the little hints we’ve been getting about Tony’s backstory.  Can’t wait for the episode where we finally see how Tony got his start!

NCIS:LA’s “Lockup”

There are four things I liked about this episode: (1) the case, (2) Nate’s return, (3) LL Cool J’s performance and (4) Deeks/Kensi.

First, the case.

This whole episode was phenomenal!  The case dealt with an unknown terrorist plot/terrorist cell whose leader’s brother was in prison.  After being taken into protective custody by NCIS, Mo (who was involved with the group that kidnapped and ultimately killed Dom) is placed by NCIS into a prison so that he can get close to a man by the name of Abdul who is suspected of planning a terrorist attack.   After being assaulted by Abdul’s crew as a part of his initiation into the cell, Sam gets personally involved, going undercover as an orderly to stay close to Mo and keep him safe.  As always, a twist comes into play when it is discovered that Abdul isn’t planning a terrorist attack here, he’s planning on breaking out of prison and going to his brother, whose the leader of a more dangerous terrorist cell.  After much stellar acting, Sam helps Mo, Abdul and another terrorist out of prison and Abdul is on his way to his brother.  Unfortunately, Mo was a casualty as a result of Abdul no longer needing his assistance.

Second, Nate’s return.

I was so glad to see Peter Cambor back on the screen!  His portrayal of the psychologist Nate was something that I dearly missed on the show and I hope, now that his assignment is done, that we will see a lot more of him in the episodes to come.  Nate factored into this episode because he went undercover as the psychologist at the prison to keep a close eye on Abdul.  I loved how, when they realize that Sam is about to be made, Nate takes charge.  My favorite scene of his in this episode was when he put the potential tattler in a sleeper to keep him from spilling Sam’s real identity.

Third, LL Cool J’s acting chops in this episode.

I have to say, as far as this season is concerned, this episode was one of LL Cool J’s finest!  I loved every single scene he was in and he really makes Sam his own.  I love how concerned he is for Mo and how he put himself in harm’s way in order to do so.  Two of my favorite scenes of his from this episode were when he picked the fight with the white guys just so he could look good in front of Abdul and the last scene when he’s dealing with his emotions over Mo’s death; he really made you feel the pain he was going through.  Dare I say this performance by LL Cool J could grant him an Emmy nomination?

Fourth and finally, the antics of Deeks and Kensi.

Like Tiva in NCIS, Deeks and Kensi are one of the main reasons I tune into NCIS.  The chemistry between the two is very palpable and very early Tivaish, if you want to compare the two.  Also like Tiva, Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah have a great relationship outside of the TV show as do Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo.  Some of my favorite scenes in tonight’s episode with them were: the donut scene, the warehouse shootout scene and the pole dancing class scene.

Other little things I liked or am just commenting on:

– Where was Callen?  Sam needed Callen and I’m actually hoping we get a scene in next week’s episode where Sam lashes out at Callen for not being there when he needed him.

– Hetty is always doing things behind the team’s back and then springing it on the team when they’re ultimately faced with a crisis.

– I liked that we got the sense that there was something romantic that went on between Nate and Nelly.  Now, NCIS:LA has another avenue to explore.

I think that is all for this week’s episodes.  Thanks for tuning in and reading; until next week!



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