Posted by: ncisfan1985 | February 26, 2011

New Idea

Hey everyone!  Sorry I’ve been lacking when it comes to the reviews/recaps.  I’m kinda getting bored with those and have been looking at other things that I could write about (character studies, etc.) but they take awhile to think through and write.  Needless to say, I’ve been in a lull.

With that said, I came across this website: and I am going to challenge myself to write about each of those things for the next ten days.  If you like what you read, please review!  It would be helpful to know what people are thinking when they read what I write and that way, I can know whether to continue in writing stuff like it or move on to something else.  Now, just because I’m getting bored with the reviews doesn’t mean I’ll stop, in fact…I’m going to highlight some parts in the last two episodes of NCIS and NCIS:LA that I liked in the next paragraph, so…read on!

So, the past two episodes of NCIS were “Defiance” and “Kill Screen”.  In “Defiance”, the team is in charge of protecting the Defense Minister of Bulgaria’s daughter who is studying at Georgetown University.  In “Kill Screen” a Marine is killed for having reached the kill screen of a video game the held code for hacking into the Pentagon.

What I liked about these episodes?

– both dealt with McGee’s love life…or lack thereof. In “Defiance” it felt more natural than in “Kill Screen”, where it felt forced but at the end of the episode, I really started to like it. (“Defiance” and “Kill Screen”)

– Tony looked hot in those sweats! (No, I don’t mean hot as in temperature-wise.) (“Defiance”)

–  I cracked up laughing when Gibbs shot the mainframe of the computer to deactivate the code.  Considering that he was getting annoyed at the stupid game he had to play to get to the mainframe, the shooting of it was justified. (“Kill Screen”)

– Love how Tony interceded on McGee’s behalf and set him up on a date with Maxine; I thought it was a very nice thing for him to do.  (“Kill Screen”)

On NCIS:LA we had the episodes “Empty Quiver” and “Personal”.  In “Empty Quiver”, Callen and Sam are working undercover as California Highway Patrol who are interested in joining the California Gold Taxi Service, a group of dirty cops and marines who help criminals transport weapons across the highways.  In “Personal”, Deeks is shot and the team races to find the perp.

What I liked?

– the truck heist scene (amazing cinematography/music/acting!) (“Empty Quiver”)

– the look of dread on everyone’s faces when Hetty tells them they have an “Empty Quiver” situation. (“Empty Quiver”)

– Deeks/Kensi banter in the van while scouting out for the man that will give Callen and Sam the offer. (“Empty Quiver”)

– Sam and Callen banter about not being able to banter on the bikes like they do in the car. (“Empty Quiver”)

– Kensi stuffing her face with food at the end and Deeks’ face (he was so cracking up at watching her gorge herself).  (“Empty Quiver”)

– Deeks getting shot 😦 (Sad scene but thought it was played out great!) (“Personal”)

– Kensi wanting to be there at the hospital because the last time her partner was in a dire situation without her there, he died (Dom 😦 ) (“Personal”)

– Kensi and Hetty eating Deeks’ hospital jello. (What is with Kensi and food?  Does Daniela like not eat before she goes to the set? LOL) (“Personal”)

– getting a glimpse at what Deeks’ life was like when he was little. (Poor boy!) (“Personal”)

– Cheesy but such a good scene moment: Deeks realizing that Kensi’s the target and rushes out from the hospital, bandaged and injured, and puts a bullet through the guy’s chest. (“Personal”)

– the fact that the Russians knew that to make Kensi an easy target, they had to hurt Deeks; if that doesn’t make any Densi fan squeal, I don’t know what will. (“Personal”)

– Hetty offering to be Deeks’ next of kin. (one of the reasons I love Hetty!) (“Personal”)

And that is it for today’s post.  Look out tomorrow for my first challenge post!


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