Posted by: ncisfan1985 | October 4, 2012

My Take on NCIS 10×01 “Extreme Prejudice”

The first episode of the tenth season of NCIS took place two hours after the events of “Till Death Do Us Part” (9×24). The cleanup at NCIS is underway and Ducky is safe at a hospital after his heart attack, but the emotional toll the bombing and heart attack had on our favorite agents, is not over.

What I liked about the episode:

1. After a long summer hiatus, NCIS is finally back to fill my Tuesday nights with action, laughter and …romance?

2. Ducky lives! (I know, shocker, especially since news of his contract renewal came out like a month before the season finale episode! But, by that point, I think the writers already had woven Ducky’s health into a season-wide story arc and they just thought…why not?) I’m actually pretty excited about this story arc because this is something that they haven’t done. No character on the show has faced death naturally (and survived). It will be interesting to see how Ducky copes and if he makes any changes to his life.

3. After eight seasons, Brian Dietzen is finally a regular cast member! Which, subsequently ties in with the storyline since Dietzen’s character, Jimmy, is going to have to step it up this season and take on more cases as the medical examiner while Ducky recuperates.

4. I liked that Abby was the first one shown in regards to the survivors of the NCIS bombing. She’s the one on the team that is always cheerful and happy and, as Ziva says later on in the episode, “If anyone can find the good it is you.” That being said, seeing her so out of it and melancholy tells you that things are not okay and sets the mood for the rest of the episode.

5. Tony and Ziva in the elevator; there were so many great moments! Tony stroking Ziva’s thigh as he recalls a villain in the 1995 Bond movie called GoldenEye. (She would kill men by squeezing her thighs around their neck.) The whole “I thought the earth moved” conversation. Tony brushing Ziva’s hair out of her eyes. The looks they shared. The phone conversation with Eli. Them recounting coworkers they would NOT want to be stuck in the elevator with, laughing about it and then realizing that those coworkers might not be as fortunate as them to be alive. The look they give each other when Abby says that she thought they might have killed each other.

6. Abby – you could really tell she wasn’t okay with what happened and my heart broke for her while I was watching the episode. It pretty much was summed up in the conversation with Ziva, “I want good back” and then telling Ziva to “please, kick…his…ass.”

7. The conversation between Abby and Ziva. We rarely see a scene where it’s just Abby and Ziva talking. When Kate was there, she and Abby were buds and you were made aware of that by the number of scenes they had together. Can we get more Abby and Ziva scenes this season?

8. Ducky is another character that made me cry in this episode; especially in the scene where he was trying to convince Jimmy that he needed to go back to NCIS.

9. Okay, that scene with the FBI agent, Lorraine, trying to seduce Harper and then letting those other agents into the hotel room and then destroying that door only to be blown up by another bomb was just mind-blowingly awesome! But…how the heck did he know that he was being set up?

10. Seeing Gibbs go postal on Harper’s sister-in-law; you rarely see him go postal on people except when they mess with his family.

11. The Gibbs and Fornell scene when they are in Gibbs’ house and Fornell asks Gibbs to let him take the reigns in terms of finding Dearing because he knew that Gibbs was still hurting.

12. Gibbs and Vance. I think, in this episode, you really got the feeling that these two have finally put their differences aside and are making a go at being more friendly to each other. I loved the scene with them in Gibbs’ basement where he tells Vance about his plan to finally get Dearing once and for all.

13. The scene where Jarvis gathers the troops (Vance, Fornell and Gibbs) to tell them that the president ordered them to proceed with extreme prejudice. The first thought in my head was, if I had to choose between the Expendables cast and these four in terms of who I would not want to mess with…it’d be these four. There’s just something more threatening to me about these four than the Expendables cast LOL

14. The confrontation between Gibbs and Dearing. This was the first time that I actually truly felt sad for the NCIS villain. And I loved that you could see it on Gibbs’ face when he stuck the knife in him; he understood his anguish over his son’s death because he experienced that same feeling and is still feeling that with the loss of Kelly.

15. The ending scene. After a sad episode like that, it was nice to see the team out and about, enjoying life or just going about their daily business.

16. Ziva going postal on Gibbs while he’s packing to go after Dearing.

17. Tony saying he wished he had someone to talk to 😦

There are only two things I didn’t like:

1. How can Ziva receive a call from her father while in a broken down, steel elevator and Jimmy couldn’t get a hold of anyone in the beginning of the episode? I realize that they may have wanted to break up the Tiva moment but that just wasn’t believable; though the ensuing conversation was funny.

2. So, Lorraine brings Harper to a hotel that is swarming with agents, and yet they didn’t notice the window in the bathroom? If they did, they should have had that exit covered, right?

Well, that’s it for my take on NCIS’ “Extreme Prejudice”. Check back later for my take on NCIS: Los Angeles’ “Endgame” and the second episodes!



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