Posted by: ncisfan1985 | October 9, 2012

My Thoughts on NCIS:Los Angeles “Endgame”

This is probably gonna be short since it’s been two weeks since the premiere.  Sorry about the lateness.  Once I get caught up, I will hopefully release these more on schedule. 🙂

Here’s what I liked about the episode:

1. The new tension between Callen and Sam.

2. The undercover op at the bank by Kensi and Deeks.  I love when Kensi plays the scorned lover; she rocks at it and it is hilarious to watch!

3. Owen Granger – I really started to like him in this episode.  He’s still a little hinky but I can at least deal with him now.

4. The mind twist at the end – who saw that coming?  I mean, grant it, it definitely did not look like the Chameleon was really shot but wow…

That’s it, for now.  Maybe when there’s a hiatus I will go back and watch the premiere and expand more on this but this is all have for now.

Stay tuned for NCIS’ “Recovery” and NCISLA’s “The Recruit”

Here is a video clip from CBS of the op in which Kensi goes postal on the bank employee.  It’s not the whole thing, just the start.


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