Posted by: ncisfan1985 | October 10, 2012

My Thoughts on NCIS’ “Phoenix”

There are a number of memorable moments in this episode:

1. The classic bullpen scene with the three Musketeers (Tony, Ziva and McGee.)  McGee and Ziva are looking at a life recorder (the Vicon Revue?) when Tony arrives.  Tony asks them what they are looking at and McGee tells him about the life recorder.  You wear it around your neck and it takes a picture every 30 seconds!  Your whole life will be able to be recorded, searched and looked back on.  Tony says that’s horrifying but it could help him find his keys.  Ziva comments that there are some moments in life that should be forgotten, like the last three months.  Tony agrees and says that he’d rather forget the look on his first girlfriend’s face when they broke up; it haunted him for years.  Tony asks how much it costs and McGee tells him that it’s not out yet, but that he will be getting one since he is a beta tester for the product.  Tony scoffs and asks McGee if Gibbs would allow him to wear something like that at the crime scenes.  “Gibbs the man who…” Tony starts saying before he notices his coworkers faces and realizes that the man of the hour is right behind him.  “Something on your mind, DiNozzo?” Gibbs asks.  Tony says no but is headslapped anyway. (First headslap of the season!)

2.  I cracked up when that graveyard manager(?) tells Ducky, “I hope you didn’t take up a career of grave robbery” or something like that.

3.  The scene in autopsy when Gibbs goes to confront Ducky about exhuming a non-case body.  Palmer: Gibbs, I take full responsibility…” Gibbs: “Palmer, leave.” Palmer: Done! And then he scurries away. LOL

4. Ducky almost broke my heart when he said, “why don’t you just make it permanent?” 😦 Don’t leave Ducky!!

5. I love that Gibbs allowed Ducky to voice his reasons as to why he exhumed the body.  That’s what a friend would do, not a boss.

6. Absolutely loved the scene at the victim’s house (or apartment) where Jimmy won’t give details about the exhumed body so McGee, Tony and Ziva gang up on him (LOVED it when Ziva was “cracking” her knuckles when she told McGee to close the blinds; Palmer was headed for a Ziva-style beat down LOL)

7. After Ducky’s cold case ends up being tied to the recent case, Ducky realizes that he can’t investigate anymore because now the case is active.  He thinks Gibbs is going to tell him to stop investigating so he tells him, “The horse is dead, Jethro.  I’d appreciate it if you’d stop beating it.” LOL

8.  “There is evil afoot that must be cast asunder.”

9. While Ducky is telling the team about how the cold case victim died, Gibbs is sitting in his chair with a baseball bat.  Who are you looking to beat down GIbbs? lol

10.  I loved the bluish-green button down shirt Tony was wearing in the second half of the episode.  That color definitely works for him!

11.  Loved seeing Tony get rejected by the CO and then for the CO to be shown who’s boss by the nerd at the gun range lol.

12. Palmer coming into Gibbs’ basement unannounced and talking about Ducky, “He actually yelled at me! …like Attila the Hun!” only to have Ducky be in the basement also. LOL

13.  I know Tony is a smartass and he makes comments like this, especially to McGee, but I thought he was being mean when he made fun of McGee for not being chosen as a beta tester.  Gibbs showed up and I actually was looking for the headslap.

14.  After closing the case and being reinstated to work as the medical examiner, Ducky still managed to break my heart with his sad face.  He liked playing the role of lead agent and being out and about.  Now he’s back in autopsy 😦

15.  I really really loved the moment when Ziva says at the end, “We are all finally home.”  Her smile and then Gibbs’ smirk when he looks at her.  Everything is finally semi-back to normal.

Well, that’s it for this episode.  I wonder if there will be any surprises along the way in terms of someone who is still not okay after the bombing.  Now that I think about it, Vance was not in this episode (am I right?)  So, is he okay or is he still shaken up about the whole thing?  I know I didn’t mention it earlier but it’s so nice to see Abby back to normal.  I thought it was hilarious when Gibbs goes down to her lab to get the latest details on the case and brings a Caf-Pow for her only for Abby to tell him that Ducky gave her one too. (She does take Gibbs’ Caf-Pow though as she pretty much chugs those things lol)



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