Posted by: ncisfan1985 | July 10, 2013

Cote de Pablo to depart from NCIS


Today is a sad day in NCISland.  After months of silence on the status of Cote de Pablo’s contract negotiations, word came out today that she would be leaving the show.  I wrote the following all out on my Facebook so I’m just going to copy and paste what I wrote.  It is kind of rabbit traily so sorry for that, my thoughts were all jumbled and I just wrote what came to mind.

Cote de Pablo, who plays the beloved character Ziva David on NCIS, was up for contract renewal at the end of last season.  As seen in the final moments of Season 10, Ziva along with Tony and McGee, handed in their badges to Director Vance, and took the blame for all of Gibbs’ past misdeeds.  So, for the first time that I can remember, Ziva’s life was not left hanging in the balance like it usually is when CdP’s contract is up for renewal.  Though there was some anxiety over whether Cote was going to re-sign her contract, there was a sliver of hope that the contract would eventually be signed.  But, weeks went by with no word on the status of her contract negotiations and hope of a renewal was getting dimmer and dimmer (though it was around this time last year that word got out that Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Sean Murray had re-signed their contracts after a long summer of waiting.)  With production starting in a week for the new season, news finally came out today that she will be leaving NCIS.

Fans will get one more chance to see her and bid her adieu when the Season 11 premiere airs on September 24th, which will likely be her last episode (the article linked below says she will appear at the start of the season so not sure if it’s for one episode or for two or three).  Gary Glasberg, the show’s current Executive Producer, has promised fans that Ziva will be getting the “proper send off”.  I’m not sure what they’re planning on doing to give her the “proper send off”, I can think of multiple scenarios that could fit, but I’m hoping it involves Tony and a marriage proposal. (fingers crossed!)

Personally, I think this is what’s going to break the camel’s back and we will see the demise of NCIS following this development.  I know, not everyone was a fan of Ziva and Tiva, but she definitely had quite a number of fans and, unlike Sasha Alexander (Caitlin Todd) who went to the producers and told them she wanted out, this exit lies totally in the hands of CBS.

Why does everything have to be about money?  She loved the show so she could have stayed with it until the end and she (and the rest of the cast) make more than half of what the average American makes, but no, she and her agent had to have more money!  On the other side, CBS was stupid for letting her go.

There is a part of me that hopes that this ends like A.J. Cook’s (Criminal Mind’s JJ) did when her contract fell through and she left, only to reappear the following season and has stayed on the show ever since.  Either that or, like I said, this could be NCIS’s last season.

Another thing I want to talk about before I finish this is the whole “Moonlighting Curse” thing that make the producers so scared to put two characters together on a show.  Cut me a break!  You tease us for 8 years with this whole, will they won’t they push and pull crap, and now Cote de Pablo is leaving, and there’s not going to be any restitution for the Tiva fans!  It was JUST getting good last season and there was definitely progress being made and, as it turns out, it’s all for NOTHING!  How logical is it that two real people will tease and bait each other for 7 years before they actually commit to a relationship or pour water on it?!  It’s not realistic!!  UGH!!

So, with that being said, thanks for letting me air my frustration lol and I really hope NCIS knows what’s doing because I might not be watching the show anymore if they butcher Ziva’s send off.

Here’s the article about the official news:


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