Posted by: ncisfan1985 | July 17, 2013

More Information About the Reason Cote de Pablo Left

According to this,, Cote’s reason for leaving NCIS does have to do with pay.  According to one of Showbiz411’s sources, she apparently was asking for $225,000 which is closer to what Michael Weatherly makes but CBS would only give her $200,000.  A rep for Cote de Pablo says that the numbers sound off so I’m not sure but either way…the reason Cote left was about money.

I have to be honest, this is leaving me conflicted.  On one hand, I think CBS should have given her whatever amount that she wanted simply because she’s Cote de Pablo, a great actress who’s brought her own unique talents and abilities to NCIS.  On the other hand, I’m asking myself why didn’t Cote just take the money that was offered?  I understand that she wanted equal pay, and I would think in a politically correct industry actresses and actors would be getting equal pay about now, but if she loves the show so much why leave over a simple money dispute?

This whole conflict leads to another question…how many fans will stick with NCIS now that Cote is leaving.  From what I’ve been reading on SpoilerTV and comments left on the Cote de Pablo petition, people are not going to be watching if she does not come back.  And, with the petition at about 10,000 supporters, that’s going to affect the ratings which will definitely grab the attentions of the TPTB at CBS.  I, myself, am considering the possibility of not watching should they butcher her ending story (she is coming back for a couple episodes, not just one) but I don’t think I can do away with my Tuesday night routine lol.  Tuesday nights were what made Monday mornings bearable!

I do have to say, Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David was the reason why I started to watch NCIS.  If I remember correctly, my first ever episode that I watched was Season 5’s “Recoil”, which as many of you should know was a HUGE episode for Cote de Pablo/Ziva David and a huge episode for Tiva, in my mind.  Ziva was working undercover as the girlfriend of a serial killer who caught her getting a phone call from Gibbs; she almost dies and back in the lobby, Tony tries to ruffle her hair because that’s what she likes but Ziva flinches away from him.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but there was so much “meat” in that one scene that I just instantly fell in love with them.  I think I might have finished the season out after that episode but I can’t remember.  That summer though, thanks to USA Network, I was able to catch up on most of the episodes and from then on out, I’ve watched every single episode that CBS has unleashed.  So, not seeing Ziva David on my screen anymore after she’s done her story will be hard to adjust to.

What are your thoughts on Cote de Pablo’s departure?  Will you not watch after Ziva’s story is finished?  Do you think CBS will reconsider should ratings decline?  Do you think ratings will decline?



  1. 10,000 petitioner out of 20 million watcher is practically nothing. And you know MW makes more because he has been at NCIS 2 years longer, and he is second billing. Its not fair to him, there is a policy to raises that should be respected. She is acting as if she above that policy….she has over estimated her importanct

    • Thanks for your insight. I think I posted the article before I sat and thought it through.

      I agree that 10,000 people who decide not to watch the show because of Cote leaving will not affect their ratings, I think the percentage turns out to be something like 0.025 which is nothing. I’m actually reconsidering my stance on why she left. CBS said she left for personal reasons, her friends at CBS left for personal reasons so I am just going to have faith that that’s why she left. The media is surely doing it’s part in making it seem like Cote is greedy, I just read a scathing article from the National Inquirer (

      The petition is still a great way to tell Cote that we love her, that we don’t want to see her go and that CBS should do everything they can to bring her back. I never actually considered the policies thing, I mean, thinking about it, it’s just the same as any other job…you’ve been there longer, you should be making more money than the person that’s been there less. The figures in the article that I linked to are totally wrong BTW. TV Guide lists Michael Weatherly as making $175,000 per episode while lists Cote de Pablo as making $120,000 per episode.

      I changed my mind partly because of how people have verbally attacked Hailey Murray on Twitter, that’s not acceptable and completely wrong. And, I mean, CBS’s reputation is being tarnished by this blood bath but can you imagine what this is doing to Cote and her reputation? Like you said in your comment, “she has overestimated her importance”, she does sound greedy.

      Sorry for the rambling but thank you so much for the response. I’ve been meaning to follow up that post with what I’ve written about here but never actually got to it.

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